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Yesterday she left me with sore nipples. Today they are still sore. She thinks it’s good that I still bear the memory of what she did. But I wonder if she knows just how I feel. That’s why I have this tumblr; so that I can confess to feelings I might be shy to express to her directly, or in another format. It’s a kind of confessional, where I can let out all my secret fears and desires, each time with a sexy picture to attach them to. Sometimes it’s a picture of her, and now it will be sometimes a picture of me.

So, I wonder if she knows just how slutty I feel these days, how I long for her attention, long to be degraded and abused and hurt. I’m embarrassed by the depths of my depravity, the extent to which I want pain or humiliation. I want to say to her, please, my lady, hurt me some more, so it’s really bad this time, don’t hold back, make me groan and cry and and scream, if you can. I’m ashamed to feel these things, ashamed to ask for them. But I can’t help it. I’m addicted to what she gives me. I want and need more and more. But, of course, only if she takes pleasure in it. I wouldn’t dare to ever demand anything. She can deny me, if she wishes. I just hope and pray she will never neglect me. But this too is her privilege, if she chooses.

Slutty little subs are so greedy and needy. I know that, because I have been a dom, and will be again, though it’s a long way from my thoughts right now.

Such beautiful truths. The greatest gift you can give her is to let her know you on the inside and how she affects you.

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    I wish my sub wrote things like this to me!
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