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Lets Fuck Him in Chastity
Mistress Sara Diavola and Vanessa Vixon have been teasing slave lance, Sara’s roommate/slave, while keeping his cock locked up in chastity.  They love to make his cock and balls swell against his CB6000.
Now they want to really humiliate him and drive him crazy, so Mistress Sara puts on a big strap-on cock and makes him ride it.  She tells him he might be able to have a prostate orgasm if he tries hard enough.
The two hotties humiliate him for turning into such a sissy, all because he’d do anything to have an orgasm again.
Mistress Sara pounds his ass from behind, while the cruel and ruthless Vanessa rubs his face in her tits.  Just when slave lance thinks he might actually cum through his prostate, they leave him on the sofa with a worn out ass and aching blue balls.


So wonderfully lucky.


Episode 66 Every day she edged me to the brink and then denied me release. She enjoyed watching my desperation and relished the obsession that frustration brought. This meant I was totally in her grip. She would pinch my nipples, or attach cruelly painful clamps while she made me masturbate or took this task herself. She also loved making me rub my cock against her moist vagina after I had orally brought her to orgasm. The spasms she experienced after she was satisfied were soothed by my cock rubbing against her outer lips….. but orgasm was never permitted to me. 

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